Merda Landscape
  • proje ve uygulama sistemleri | merda peyzaj

    Landscape Project & Planning ServiceThe landscape is a way of life that is provided to people as a whole together with the nature and that ensures peace and comfort... >>

  • peyzaj uygulama hizmetleri | merda peyzaj

    Landscape Construction ServicesThe landscape constructions are the works that are carried out on the areas outside the construction areas within the framework of the ... >>

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    Automatic Irrigation SystemsThe irrigation is the process through which water, needed by the plant and not met by the precipitation ... >>

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    Drainage SystemsIn the grass fields, too much water is detrimental to the development of the plant. Plant’s growth and development slows down on ponding or excessive water holding areas.  ... >>

  • dekoratif bahçe aydınlatması | merda peyzaj

    Decorative Garden LightingBy encouraging the night use of the outdoor areas through the right, regular and adequate lighting; these areas can be made safer for the users.  ... >>

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    Structural Elements Design and ApplicationsMerda Landscape integrates the natural environments not only into the green areas but also into various structural and reinforcement elements ... >>

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    Periodical Garden CareThe success of a landscape application is closely related with the periodical care as well as many other parameters.  ... >>

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    Consultancy ServicesMerda Landscape provides its customers with the consultancy services for the periodical garden care services in macro and micro scale landscaping  ... >>


News From The Sectormerda peyzajWishing to alleviate a bit of the yearning for the nature of the people in our age, the botanist Patrick Blanc finds out that he can adorn... >>